New Cori-Seal® Systems CIBSE CPD Now Available

Thameside Fire Stopping’s sister company Cori-Seal® Systems are pleased to announce their new CIBSE approved CPD on ‘Smoke control issues within school and commercial buildings – the hidden dangers’ is now available.

The CPD was prepared to highlight the current dangers within schools and commercial buildings concerning missing smoke stoppers in perforated decking.

The CPD covers:

  • An understanding of possible issues and hidden dangers in of missing smoke stoppers in perforated decking related to smoke control and means of escape
  • Evaluating the current situation and dangers by assessing what needs to be done to combat these issues
  • A demonstration of the types of tests that can be carried.
  • Offering a solution to combat missing smoke control stoppers from the deck plate.

Commenting on the CPD, Steve Cunningham stated ‘We’ve been trying to raise the profile and issues by pushing this concept and issues of missing smoke stoppers for some time, getting an approved CIBSE CPD recognises the importance of this subject, and now we can educate people about it’.

Cori-Seal® Systems, who work in partnership with Thameside Fire Stopping is a solution designed to prevent the smoke from a fire spreading into the escape routes.

To find out more, see CIBSE CPD Directory link below:

If you are concerned with your building smoke dangers due to missing smoke stoppers and want to book a CPD please email

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