Despite the legal requirement, an energy efficient building has many advantages, both financially and environmentally. You can Lower your heating bills. Saving you money. You have an Improved working environment and thus increased productivity, and you can Contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and help preserve the planet for the next generation.

We employ experienced air-sealing operatives who install appropriate, robust materials to seal the myriad of leakage sites that can occur, often in awkward, difficult-to-access areas such as roof voids, above suspended ceilings and in finished and furnished buildings. Preferably our work is planned and at an early enough stage to maximise clear access and minimise costs. We frequently undertake targeted air-sealing as an extension to Passive Fire Protection and fire stopping works as, in certain situations, the two procedures overlap. Targeting of air-sealing work is vital to reduce the risk of incurring unnecessary cost – our experience is key to achieving this. However, it is further enhanced by our ability to deploy testing fans, required to enable localised smoke testing to be carried out (smoke testing only works when a differential building pressure is created).

Thameside Fire Stopping Ltd offer an air sealing service along with the ability to arrange the air leakage test and certification via Air Leakage Testing Ltd