What is Expanding Foam?

Is Foam Putting You or Your Tenants in Danger?

Foam is a problem that we are coming across more and more every day. PU Foams are NOT a fire stopping material.

Foam should not be used in any case over 15mm for the purpose of Fire Stopping. Toxic black smoke is emitted from foam after contact with fire after just seconds. The spread of fire caused by expanding foam can engulf a room in seconds and can over take an entire building in just a matter of minutes.


For an idea of what it means to be an accelerant, take a look at the video below, produced by The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association, that compares the burn characteristics of cellulose, fiberglass and foam.

What To Do Now

How Correct Fire Stopping Can Save Lives!

Thameside Fire stopping are extremely pro-active in the removal of ALL PU Foams of over 15mm wide. We protect these areas with the CORRECT fire stopping materials and compartmentalising corridors, riser shafts and rooms. 

We will only use the best in latest Fire Stopping materials. Our systems are all tested for up to 4 hours fire stopping integrity. At no point will Thameside use a Class O or 1 spread of flame that is next to useless yet typically found in many buildings. 

We are coming across more and more foam incorrectly and excessively used in buildings, and the outcome can be frightening. As you will see in the above video, foam WILL spread  a flame at an accelerated speed. Foam WILL emit a deadly toxic smoke that if inhaled can lead to serious illness and in worst cases, death. If you have seen foam in your home or workplace, or you're simply not sure if it is there, then take action and contact Thameside Fire Stopping.

Get rid of the foam. Get rid of the risk. 

If You Have Seen Foam in Your Building Contact Us Today!

Do not put the lives of your tenants or colleagues at risk!

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